About Us



Claudia studied animal agriculture prior to becoming a veterinarian. She is interested in food production, and specifically finding solutions to food insecurity and equity issues. Her goal is to promote insect eating in all formats, which she believes can play an important role in the response to the complex food system challenges facing our world.


Lindsay studied environmental science and works in the exciting field of aquaponics. She is interested in the environmental impacts of consumer food choices. Her focus is on environmentally responsible alternative food production systems. She believes very strongly in the advantages of edible insects, and is excited to share this through GAIA.  

GAIA Protein

GAIA Protein was born from conversations between two friends about being a responsible consumer in the face of modern challenges. Our question was: How do we choose food that we can feel good about? For us this means food that is nutritious, environmentally and socially responsible to produce, and supportive of strong food systems. Crickets were our answer.

Made in Canada

GAIA Protein is a Calgary-based company. Our crickets are 100% farmed in Canada. We are committed to contributing to a diverse and resilient Canadian food supply.